Terry Kurgan would like to acknowledge the invaluable contribution of the following people who worked with her in the making of this project through its many different phases between 2007 and 2010.

Research and development:

John Spiropoulos (urban planner)
George Lebone (community activist)
Ginibel Forsuh Mabih (researcher and Internet cafe manager)
Michael Onyeneto (researcher and handyman)
Raphael Bope (researcher and engineer)
Siphiwe Zwane (photographer and researcher)
Jason Hobbs (information architect)
Andre Graaf (developer)

Website design/development/build:

Jason Hobbs (information architect)
Belinda Blignault (artist)
Andre Graaf (developer and programmer)
Greg Ilchenko (developer)
Richard Stupart (developer)
Brittany Wheeler (project facilitator)

Exhibition design and production:

Tegan Bristow (digital media developer and artist)
Alexander Opper and Amir Livneh of Notion Architects
Guylain Melki (artist and sign writer)

Exhibition facilitators:

Godfrey Tshis Talabulu
Brittany Wheeler
Raphael Bope
Sian Miranda Singh Ófaoláin