Video Booth

The video booth was built in Max/MSP and Jitter, and kept us very busy and entertained. We were on a tight budget, and this was 6 years ago in tech terms, so apologies for the poor quality. The software often crashed! And we would have to get it all up and going again. Our favourite participant was a high school boy who came in twice a week. We think he was starting his own TV show. His line was: “Yo! Peeps!!! My guest today is … Weeell … it’s me!” We’ve posted just a few of the videos on this page, but many more can be found on the Hotel Yeoville video channel on YouTube.

The walls of the booth were covered with questions that served as prompts, to help people get over their stage fright as the recording session began. When you entered the booth these instructions were visible on home screen in front of you:

Join the Hotel Yeoville YouTube group! Make a short video about yourself, or about anything that is on your mind, and we will upload it to the website. Check back to see if it is there in a week’s time.

1. Look at the camera!
2. Using the mouse click on the big red button
3. Now follow the on-screen instructions
4. The wall prompts are suggestions only, or to help you if you get stuck
5. You can play back your video and press submit if you are happy
6. If you are unhappy, press make another, and you can start again

All the content created in the video booth went back to the website and entangled and intermingled with resources, forums, classifieds and business posts. Just like the installation and the Internet, the virtual Hotel Yeoville is filled with serious business, giggling teenagers and cooking tips with open connections.

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